Top 5 Ways I Earn FREE Amazon Gift Cards

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If you have been following my blog thus far, you can tell I love Amazon (I even have a category solely devoted to it) and I love getting things on Amazon completely free.  There are different sites out there that I use to get free Amazon gift cards.  I save all my Amazon gift cards until October and November and then redeem them for my daughter’s birthday and Christmas presents (she is a Dec baby so I get hit 2x that month).  This way I do not have to worry about saving or budgeting my own money for her presents and she really makes out as I am able to save AT LEAST $400+ (many times more) in Amazon gift cards.  So I figured I would share my top 5 sites that I love using for Amazon gift cards

Most of the methods I use are survey opportunities – it sometimes may seem time consuming and tedious by completing surveys for gift cards but I love doing it and to avoid taking up too much time, I often do my surveys and other Amazon gift card opportunities while I am making call and I am on hold, while I am on my lunch break at work, on my ipad or iphone while I am watching TV (during the commercials), etc.  If you truly want to reap the rewards and earn FREE stuff sometimes you have to put the time in and be clever in managing the time.  I always look at it like hey I am at home, not doing anything – not making money, so why don’t I just sit at my computer and take surveys.  Plus I know many people that get seasonal jobs just so they can afford the holidays and not everyone is fortunate enough to manage that with their busy schedules so this would be a great supplement.  All of the methods I show you below are tried and true – and NO MONEY UP FRONT IS EVER NEEDED.  I use many other sites to get Amazon gift cards – which I will share with you, but these are my favs and help me earn the most.

ANOTHER QUICK TIP – to avoid excessive emails in my inbox from survey sites and others I made a separate email address just for my making money opportunities as I do not like clutter in my main email address account.  But the only thing you must remember is to log into it and check it frequently if you do not want it linked to your main email account!

Note:  Links below open up in a new tab – and be sure to like my facebook page  for constant updates (especially on Amazon gift cards as I am always on the hunt for opportunities to earn more).

1.  I-Say:  I-Say is one of my favorite survey sites.  Click here (link opens up in a new tab) and sign up for an account.  I-say offers many opportunities for surveys with a decent amount of point compensation which in turn can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards and other major retailer gift cards.  I have been a member for I-Say for almost 8 years and have never had any payout issues.  Sometimes they have even sent me random gift cards int he mail for being a loyal member (haven’t received one in a while though).  They also hold monthly sweepstakes and if you do a certain amount of surveys they give you bonus points.  1000 points can be redeemed for a $10 Amazon gift card and I am usually able to get about $20 per month in Amazon gift cards from them ($20 x 12 = $240/year).  I also am lucky enough to get a lot of product testing offers through I-Say.  They have sent me body wash, cosmetics, laundry detergent, etc to test and review.    They also offer Paypal payouts, iTunes gift cards and other stuff if Amazon is not your thing.  

2.  Swagbucks:  Swagbucks is a search engine (much like google) but you get rewarded for your searches.  However, it doesn’t stop there, you can definitely earn more swagbucks by doing other stuff on their site.  Download the toolbar (you get free swagbucks everyday), find swagcodes (on their blog, facebook, other blogs, etc) and redeem it on their site, recycle old cell phones, do the swagbucks daily polls, and no search offer, take swagbuck surveys, and refer friends – there are other ways to earn swagbucks too but these are the most popular.  If you work this site, you can earn A LOT.  CLICK HERE (link opens up in a new tab) and sign up for an account.  I am able to get a $5 gift card almost every month ($5 x 12 = $60) however, lately I have been earning more (as I have been more active on the site) so it may go up.  They also offer Paypal payouts, starbucks, and other gift cards if Amazon is not your thing.  

3.  Zoompanel:  Zoompanel is another favorite survey site for me.  CLICK HERE (link opens in a new tab) and sign up for an account.  Their surveys offer a lot of points and what I love is if you do not qualify for a survey they still give you some zoompanel points.  I usually always qualify, it is rare I get rejected and they send tons of surveys to my inbox.  2500 points will get me a $25 Amazon gift card and it usually takes me a month or two to get it (so in a year I earn about $150 from Zoompanel).  I have also received products to test and review!  If you aren’t into Amazon gift cards they have others plus they have tons of actual merchandise you can get with your rewards, before they started offering Amazon cash outs I redeemed for a crock pot and a food processor and they worked great!

4.  Mypoints:  Mypoints is a site that encompasses many things to earn to points.  CLICK HERE (link opens in a new tab) and sign up for an account.  You can do surveys, shopping, read/click their emails, sign up for offers (many of which do not ever require a credit card) and refer friends.  All of these things will earn you mypoints.  Mypoints then can be redeemed for gift cards to many retailers including my favorite Amazon!  

5.  Viewpoints:  Viewpoints is a product review website.  CLICK HERE (link opens in a new tab) and sign up for an account.  On viewpoints you earn points for reviews you write – please note they do have a criteria that you have to adhere to (nothing crazy tho’).  Reviews get you 25 points, HOWEVER, they run specials often that when you write reviews for certain categories they double or even triple your points (so I usually save my reviews for those times).  Once you reach 500 points you can get an Amazon gift card!  

Also for all my Amazon lovers like me – you can get a free trial of Amazon prime.  I have Amazon prime and I love it as I am able to get FREE 2 day shipping on almost all of my items…other benefits of prime include you can share it with up to 4 people (so you can definitely split the costs), you have access to the kindle lending library (which in my opinion is enough to sell me), and you have access to prime instant videos.  So sign up here for a free trial:  Amazon Prime Free trial

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